Monday, January 10, 2011

Old-Time NOS Blades

I went to an antique show yesterday. Came home with about 200 NOS DE blades, a Gillette Old Style, and a Stahly Live Blade.

Here's the blade tally:

(7) Gillette Thin Blades, in 10-blade box

(65) indiv. wrapped Berkeley blades

(22) 4-blade packs of Sheer Hair Spring Steel blades

(1) multi-pack of Ranger double edge Blades - cellophane-wrapped

(1) Gillette Blue Blade 5-blade pack box w/ (1) blade

(2) 5-packs of Star Double Edge Blades

(3) 5-packs of SOS Double Edged BLADES (one has five blades, one has four, and one contains six or eight discards - standard DE's, an injector or two, and one old, old three-hole blade)

(2) indiv. wrapped blades marked SOS Double Edged BLADE

(2) indiv. wrapped PAL HOLLOW GROUND blades

(4) indiv. wrapped non-branded blades labeled "FINEST QUALITY, DOUBLE EDGE, SURGICAL STEEL, KEENEST EDGES"

Now to figure out whether any of these are worth anything. If not, they'll still look cool sitting in my display case.


  1. I just read through almost all of your blog, waiting for the post where you would actually use a straight blade for the first time but it looks like that never happened. Booo! What a let down. Can you post about how that day went?

  2. Great score on the blades, have tested half myself and nothing beats Vintage!