Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Cool New (Old) Stuff!

Lisa and I just got back from our annual trek - a week at the jewelry trade shows in Tucson. We took a day off mid-week and toured around town to several antique stores and malls. At one of our first stops I found these two treasures - a shaving mug, circa 1870 (so the tag says), and a travel shaving brush, vintage unknown. Please comment, and I'll get better photos posted when my camera batteries recharge.

Shave of the Day - Feb. 10

If you're reading this blog from end to end, you must think I only shave every two or three weeks! Not true! I only record them so often.

Had a good shave back at home this morning, after shaving in a hotel room, with hotel soap (forgot my beloved Arko) for a week. Ahhh, it's nice to get back to real shave soap!

No BBS this morning, but a nice shave. I think my blade's getting a bit dull. Will have to remedy that with a new Feather blade from my benefactor, Squire of the SMF Forum.